Together To Zero

Over the past decade, our community has had many successes. We’ve housed almost 10,000 people, built almost 600 units of permanent housing with supports, and we’ve developed a well-coordinated homeless-serving system of care that the rest of the world consistently looks to emulate. Calgary is a leader in our country, and our city has consistently led the charge to end homelessness in Canada – and as we have collaborated and coordinated around Calgary’s 10 Year Plan, we have learned a lot.

While stopping homelessness before it ever begins will always be our shared goal, collectively aligning ourselves under the new strategic directives outlined within the Together To Zero guiding document will empower our community to continue charting our path forward to the end of homelessness in Calgary.

Calgary’s 10 Year Plan Collective Impact Report is a summation of the progress made, key learnings, and data accumulated over the past decade in our collective efforts to end homelessness in our city.

The Together To Zero Strategic Directives are a consolidation of a decade of knowledge combined with what we, as a community, envision as the primary strategic areas of focus crucial to achieving our collective goal. This document provides an intentional framework by which all of us can adjust and align our strategic and tactical plans, governance models, initiatives, and programs to function better in order to best meet the needs of Calgarians who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness.