Infantcare Alberta

Address:  3751 21 Street NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6T5

Phone: 1 855-747-2273


About Infantcare Alberta, formerly NeighbourLink Calgary

Infantcare Alberta is an award winning organization* serving the city of Calgary. Originally operating as NeighbourLink Calgary, we started as a grass roots operation through a small group people who had three things in common: they noticed there was a need, they cared about that need and most importantly they wanted to act. In 1993 NeighbourLink officially became a registered charity operating solely through a network of volunteers until 2000 at which time we were finally able to hire one paid staff.  Since then we have been declared an “Essential Social Service” to our city by Service Canada. We are in our 26th year of operation and since conception NeighbourLink, and now Infantcare Alberta, has not wavered from our primary purpose in founding the organization; To serve Albertans as a non-profit organization that partners with other social service agencies, individuals, government and corporations in order to provide essential resources and practical assistance to those who need it most.


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