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  • Address: 100 – 1540 Northmount Drive NW, Calgary, AB T2L 0G6
  • Phone: (403) 452-0803
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About Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association

For almost 40 years Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association (BOBHA) has been providing affordable housing to those seniors most in need throughout the city of Calgary. BOBHA was incorporated in May 1975 and was eventually established as a Management Body under the Alberta Housing Act, effective July 1,1995. BOBHA is a registered non-denominational charity, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Our eight communities are spread across the city, offering safe and affordable housing to low-income individuals. We offer a wide range of support services and recreational programs through partnerships with other agencies, to help ensure our residents enjoy an active and vibrant lifestyle. At BOBHA we take it as our responsibility to provide safe and affordable housing and supports to those in need.

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