The Plan

In 2008 Calgary started on a bold path to end homelessness in 10 years. Enormous progress has been made, and many milestones achieved. There is still work to do. It’s time for the final drive to get it done. To gather our considerable resources and work together. To launch a collective and determined effort for the next four years. To raise our banner high so every Calgarian can say, we did this, together. We are in the home stretch to end homelessness by 2018.

Let’s do this.

Key Shifts from Previous Plan

To achieve our goal of ending homelessness, we update the plan when it is necessary to adapt to changing conditions and refocused priorities. The plan has evolved from previous iterations in 2008 and 2011 in the following key areas:

  1. Collective Impact – Leadership, implementation and governance of the plan has become a collaborative effort, rather than relying on a single organization. Implementation takes a community development approach where stake-holders are asked how they are willing to contribute to the plan, rather than prescribed actions.
  2. Data is the voice of the client – This plan is built on 7 years worth of Calgary data gathered from service participants through agency-partners. It presents a person-centered approach that recognizes emergency shelters and short-term supportive housing as essential parts of the homeless-serving system, putting people first rather than a particular program type.
  3. Sustained success – The Plan looks beyond 2018 to provide a roadmap for a sustained end to homelessness long-term.