Moving Forward

New Costs

The total cost, in addition to existing funding, to implement every measure proposed in the plan is estimated at $406 million. Much of the total has been allocated through current government sources, financing and projected funds from the RESOLVE Campaign.

Therefore, an addition $290 million from 2015 to 2018 is required. $154 million for programs and operations, and $136 million to build additional housing to meet the needs of 3,200 people experiencing chronic homelessness and 9,400 at risk households.

2015 2016 2017 2018 Total
Operations $8,734,909 $29,145,521 $50,416,163 $65,320,529 $153,617,123
Capital $5,121,988 $35,136,837 $42,512,500 $53,268,675 $136,040,000
Total New Costs $13,856,897 $64,282,358 $92,928,663 $118,589,204 $289,657,123

We can do this.

Calgarians have a can do attitude, and we have tackled homelessness with the same vigour. Here are the 4 priority directions to achieve the end of homelessness by 2018:

Collective Leadership

This Plan is a call to community ownership and co-leadership to end homelessness. Whether we belong to the service provider community, government, the private sector, academia, media, faith community, have lived experience, or are members of the public—we all have a role to play to ensure our vision of ending homelessness becomes a reality for everyone. Success is inevitable if everyone does their part.

Collective leadership is embedded throughout the plan as the over-arching principle. On a strategic and tactical level, the Plan identifies four Priority Directions and 14 Actions to support ending homelessness. Under each Action, the Plan lists those steps which will have collective impact on ending homelessness when put into action.

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