Beyond 2018

Once we achieve our goal of ending homelessness, our job is not done. We must remain nimble in our approach and responsive to environmental impacts that require course-corrects to sustain our efforts.

It’s important that we continually enhance coordination of the homeless-serving system, advance solutions in policy, interventions, and research and be responsive to shifts in our environment that impact homelessness.

As we end homelessness, we must shift our efforts to prevention and focus our collective impact on tackling the complex issues that are at the root causes of homelessness in the first place. We must continually build on our learnings and make meaningful systems change that will address homelessness contributors including poverty, family violence and the legacy of colonialism.

The Plan to End Homelessness is a symbol of our collective will for a better Calgary. It is built upon our shared vision of creating lasting, meaningful change in our city that provides for a better quality of life for everyone.

We Will End Homelessness

We can only end homelessness as a team—that is the one thing above all we need to succeed.

Together, we can grant every human being the basic right of a home. Together, we can ensure all who want or need shelter shall have it. Together, we can help Calgary take its rightful place as one of the world’s great cities. Together, we can give all Calgarians something to be proud of.

Let’s end homelessness together.

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