How We’re Doing It

We’ve come a long way

In 2008 when the Plan was launched, there wasn’t the coordination or information sharing between agencies that we see today. In fact, there was no shared database of who’s who in the system of care, who was receiving service from what agency and where the duplications existed. Today, there is a common information system, the Homeless Management Information System. There is coordination and collaboration throughout the system of care including Coordinated Access and Assessment.

In 2011, a shift occurred toward profound recognition of the complexities of homelessness and the need for supports when housing someone directly from the streets. This gave rise to a deeper understanding of what it was going to take to get the job done.

We can end homelessness in Calgary…together

In 2017, everyone knows it can be done — as long as we work together. As long as we share the vision. As long as we each do our part to make it happen. Not just those working in the sector, but every Calgarian along with government on all levels, faith groups, community associations, individual Calgarians. Everyone.

In launching the updated Plan, we embedded our collective need to understand what home means to each of us at the centre of our work. We can make a collective impact in the community if we work together.

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