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In 2008 Calgary started on a bold path to end homelessness in 10 years. Enormous progress has been made, but much work remains. It’s time for the final drive to get it done.

Ending homelessness by 2018 means
achieving the following:

House 100% of those experiencing chronic and episodic homelessness, a total of 3,200 people


Stabilize 35% of households at risk of or experiencing transitional homelessness, a total of 9,400 households


Reduce the average length of stay in single emergency shelters to 10 days and 14 days for family shelters— reductions of about 60%


Reduce the total number enumerated in the homeless Point-in-Time Count by 70%

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We can only end homelessness as a team—that is the one thing above all we need to succeed. Together, we can grant every human being the basic right of a home. Together, we can ensure all who want or need shelter shall have it. Let’s end homelessness together.